The badger and the panda.
The badger and the panda. comedy stories

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A self-imposed random writing challenge that produced a silly story about a badger meeting a panda.

The badger and the panda.

The room is lit, almost blindingly so, from above. The white surfaces of the floor and the walls are immaculately sterile and unmarked.

At first sight, the badger is like some sort of unexplained feature of the room. You’d perhaps take a moment longer than you’d expect to before noticing it sitting gormlessly in the corner.

In the opposite corner is a creature significantly more conspicuous. A fully grown panda sits chewing on a bamboo stick.

It stares quizzically at the tiny panda on the other side of the room as it continues to chomp on the bamboo.

The badger jerks it’s head up, noticing the gigantic badger across the room.

The badger sniffs as it ponders the possibility that it has reached badger heaven and is being greeted by the god king of badgers.

The badger releases a short but high pitched fart that one can only assume is the byproduct of the sheer excitement and nervousness experienced when meeting a deity.

Somewhat startled by the noise produced by the tiny panda; the panda flinches rather dramatically and drops it's stick of bamboo.

The panda scrambles to pick up it’s bamboo stick and fumbles it twice before finally grabbing it.

The badger sneezes after catching a whiff of it’s shameful rear-end ejection. How embarrassing...

drawing by Calavara.

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