Hunger among wolves.
Hunger among wolves. wolf stories

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Something a little different.

Hunger among wolves.

I hold my breath for a moment. My pulse thuds rhythmically, like a bass drum, in my ears. A thorn catches my finger as I peer through the bushes.

The wolf stalks through the shrubbery, snarling with menacing poise. I stay as still as possible in spite of the adrenaline coursing through my veins.

It’s eyes burn a deep amber, yearning for my blood. There is a string of saliva dangling from it’s jaws; dancing in the golden evening sunlight filtering through the trees.

The wolf rears it’s head and howls. The call is long and it reverberates around the forest. Without hesitation, I move under the cover of the noise.

My crawl turns to a shuffle and into a run in just a couple of steps. With reckless abandon, I sprint back in the direction I came from.

I look straight forward. Everything is a blur but the path in front of me. All I can hear is the air rushing past my ears.

Until I hear another howl.

Until I hear another howl. And another howl.

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