Unexpected Goodbye is Never that Easy
Unexpected Goodbye is Never that Easy pain stories

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May 5, 2002,, 3:00 o'clock in the morning

Unexpected Goodbye is Never that Easy

May 5, 2002,, 3:00 o'clock in the morning, phone was ringing continuously.

Daniela woke up and answered the phone, without a single word, she press the phone off and immediately dress up and ran outside of the house looking for a ride.

Her father was rushed to the hospital. As she was able to ride on a jeepney, without any reason, her mind seems to travel back.

She remembered her father who stands four (4) feet tall, but to her he is the tallest man, who can stand against each and every complaint, anger, frustration,

failure and regrets which she throws out to him, especially when Daniela gets home from school.

Daniela did not notice that tears were already rolling down, as the jeepney comes near the hospital, Daniela seems not to understand what she feels.

She saw the hospital and hurriedly knock the ceiling of the jeepney for it to stop. Daniela paid the fare and hurriedly jump off the jeepney and she ran into the hospital.

Daniela saw her father lying in the hospital bed, he seems to be alright, but sesms a little bit tired and he was vomiting. When her father look up and saw Daniela, he smiled.

"Daniela your here?", her father ask, as if surprise she even came. "You should have not come, it still dawn, you left your family at this time, you should go home now", her father told her.

Daniela just stood there and answered, "it's alright, my husband is there to see our kids, no problem, it's you who should be resting and should not worry about me."

Her father was staring at Daniela, "You should really go home, Daniela, your brother is here and your mother, you need to be home.

" Daniela even smiled at her father and get the towel beside him and started wiping his perspiration. Daniela did not mind her father's persistent beg for her to go home already.

He even told Daniela, "You don't have to worry I will be going home soon, you won't have won't have any problem about me."

The doctor make some check ups and ask Daniela's father how he feels, her father smiling told doctor he is fine and he wanted to go already.

It was already 6:00 o'clock in the morning when doctor came back and told that it will be the final check up and he will be ready for home.

Daniela's father his face to her and said, "See I am going home already, you should also go home before I will.

" Daniela replied to her father, "No, I will wait for you, I will go home as soon as you will be on your way.

" Her father told her, "Your such a hard headed, your always be my little girl, you seem not to change a little bit." They both laugh out loud.

As the doctor was about to have the final check, getting his heartbeat, Daniela's father suddenly has seizures, he was trembling, sweat was profusely coming, he was cold.

Daniela was able to grab his hand, the next thing Daniela saw was that her father looking upward as if seeing somebody, saying, "Wait, wait".

Daniela saw her mother screaming, her brother was running back and forth bringing medicines, Daniela did was to hold her father's hand.

At that moment it seems everybody was running, screaming, crying and it seems the world was transformed into chaos.

Daniela felt the grip of her father's hand slowly sweeping, slowly turning from hot to cold. She saw the blood runs out, from soft, warm hand to cold, pale hand.

At that moment, Daniela felt the pain, a pain that she never felt before, She never this kind of pain she gave birth, she felt heart was crashing between her chest.

Daniela wanted to cry but no sounds was coming, tears running down.

As the tears went down all the dreams she shared with her father, her plans that they both made turned into grief, regrets, darkness.

That morning Daniela went home crying, full of sadness and the moment she went inside her house, she just hug her two children without saying anything.

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