the pain of being alive
the pain of being alive empty stories

peopleareoceans nothing lasts forever
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it's not sadness that I feel

the pain of being alive

I alway read about one-sided love

and all the pain it brings

but what about


one of the most important things

it's the thing that I lack

but also need so badly

when I think about my future

I see only black and it scares me, so help me

when I look in the mirror

and stare at my face

the thoughts, they become clearer

about how to kill myself

when I see my friends laughing

all I think about

is the feeling in my chest

about not belonging

I don't know how it feels, to love

so all your stories

about the boy of your dreams

I'll never understand

or so it seems

I'm tired of this place

my so called home

I'm tired of my body

of every single bone

maybe I'm a coward

for fearing my own death

when all I think about

are ways to kill myself

but deep down I'm just lonely

I miss feeling something true

and if you understand

I think you do, too

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