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The difference that friends can make

Sometimes - peopleareoceans

Sometimes it's hard not to feel sad not to relish in all of the pain.

But suddenly I'm laughing with all of my friends - we're dancing in the rain.

Sometimes it's hard to see all life's beauty to remember all things worth to see.

But then I realise I don't need a mask because my true friends know me.

Sometimes it's tough feeling alone and crying in bed all night long.

But then your phone rings and sings you a song 'cause your friend wants to ask you what's wrong.

Life isn't fair but somehow it is 'cause it's unfair for us all.

Everything isn't bad or sad or wrong when you have 'couple friends to call.

So this is a thank you

to all of the people

that I can call my dear friends.

If it weren't for you

I couldn't tell

where would have been my story's end.

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