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peopleareoceans nothing lasts forever
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A 'poem' I wrote when I was 13


- peopleareoceans

It's not always as simple as it seems.

Is it?

It's not always easy to fulfill your dreams.

Is it?

There's something wrong with being sad.

Is it?

There's something wrong with being mad.

Is it?

But what if?

What if all these things are wrong?

Will you put it in a song?

Sing the words that make you strong?

Will you finally be what you are?

Will you light up like a little star?

Forget all these things that made you sad

Stop regretting all the words you said

Start living like you'd never die

Finally stop dreaming and try

To live a life you'd love

Even if it would never last long enough

Will you finally do what makes you happy?

Even if sometimes things seem crappy

Even if the past was horrible

You know, they call it past for a reason

And when you finally understand

The things they always said

About being yourself

About stopping to put people in shelves

About opening your eyes

To see that not everyone who's eyes glitter cries

To see that maybe nothing is at bad as it seems

If only you go after you dreams

And then

Well, then you'll finally stop being a mess

And you will find the thing

They call


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