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Thanks to many people in my life, who hate people for who they are, who think that being something other than straight is wrong and disgusting, I've been inspired to write a little something.
I hope that one day soon, my friends don't have to hide a part of who they are, in fear of being rejected, insulted, beaten, disowned, et cetera


Hair colours.

Imagine this:

You have brown hair. You've been born with it and that's just the way it is. Right?

Ever since you can remember you've been wearing a hat, hiding your hair.

It's just not something that mattered to you.

Something that was always there but you never really thought about.

Until one day you take of your hat.

Someone comes up to you and tells you how unnatural you hair colour is, that it's wrong.

You're irritated because after all it's not like you had a choice, right?

After that, the thought of the stranger doesn't leave you.

It's all you can think about.

'Is it really so wrong for me to have brown hair?', you wonder.

One day you parents start talking to you about blond hair, they seem so sure of the fact that your hair is blond.

And you tell them that, no, your hair is brown, can't they see that? It's what you were born with.

They start screaming, yelling at you.

Begging you to tell them it was a joke, a lie.

You're confused, wasn't it natural that people have different hair colours?

But they don't stop.

They go even further.

Telling you that you're sick.

'You belong in hell!', they say.

'God didn't make you like this, with brown hair.'

'It's unnatural!'

'You chose this!'

So they expect you to choose something different.

Blond hair.

You start asking yourself 'What's wrong with me?'

You are bombarded by these hurtful comments, no matter where you go.

People criticising your hair colour.

Insulting you.

You put on the hat again, wishing that you could just change, but knowing, deep down, that there's nothing you can do.

One day you meet someone with brown hair and they tell you that it's okay.

'It's not you fault', they say, 'you are not sick.'

But you are in too deep, you can't believe them, these words you've been hearing day in and day out don't leave your brain.

You've started to believe in them, too.

That you're sick and wrong.

So you dye your hair blond.

Everyone seems content.

'You're cured!', they say.

But you know that it's just temporarily.

It's just dye. It didn't change anything about what you are.

Your roots start to show again and things are escalating.

'We can fix this! You're just broken!'

They send you to an expert.

He pulls your hair, cuts it, dyes it.

He fills you with poisonous words.

Until you're so sick of yourself and your brown hair that you can't take it anymore.

You dye it every time the roots start to show, exposing what you really are.

You are disgusted with yourself.

You try to hide who you are.

You forget that it's just hair.

The hair you were born with.

Not everyone's hair colour is the same.

But every hair colour is valid.

It doesn't define you and it doesn't change anything about who you are.

Are you really blind enough not to see that?


What would you do if someone hated you because of something you can't do anything about?

It's time for you to open your eyes.

Everyone is born differently.

It doesn't make them any less of a human.

It doesn't make them less worthy of respect and acceptance and love than you.

Whether short or tall, skinny or fat, white or black, blue eyes or green, blond hair or brown hair, cis or trans

straight or gay

or bi or pan

or asexual or aromantic...

The list goes on and on.

We are all human.

So why do you keep on hating people for who they love or not love?

One of the most beautiful things in the world

and you're shaming people for it.

You're shaming people for the gender of the person that makes them happy.

And you really think that they are the problem?

This world is chaos.

There's so much pain, so much hate already.

Let's concentrate on the things that really matter:

Accepting each other for who we are, loving each other.

Only together can we have a chance of changing this world to the better.

If you honestly believe that it's right of you to hate people for their sexuality, no matter your "reason", then YOU are the problem.

Because hating people for something they can't help, something that isn't unnatural at all, is never right.

Just remember the next time you think less of someone for loving a different gender than you, for having a different body type, for having a different skin colour,

for believing in something different than you...

Just remember: It could be you!

Remember it could be you being hated, for something as simple as having been born with brown hair.

love is love

treat people with kindness

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