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peopleareoceans nothing lasts forever
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this hole inside of me is eating me up
[not even a poem, I just can't write lately]

emptiness - peopleareoceans

there's this hole inside of me

nothing you can feel, nor hear nor see

it's just there, constantly

reminding me of the things that are wrong with me

I know that something's missing, the hole, it needs a filling

but there's no manual to it I don't understand

what am I supposed to do? it's not in my hand

I never wanted this this was never my plan

to feel like this, like it's the end

I just want this fucking hole fixed

just put a stop on this fucking emptiness

because I feel dead inside

so just STOP IT before I lose my mind

it already took everything else

my drive, my passion, hell I even lost my fucking self

will it ever close?

give me advice, what do you propose?

should I really just live this way?

when my whole word isn't colours, when it's just plain grey?

what do you say?

wouldn't it be better to just decay?

this hole

this emptiness

it makes me less and less and less

and quite frankly, I'm a mess

and I fear

that if nothing will change


it will just eat me up

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