some thoughts on how to live life ...

some thoughts on how to live life ...  love stories

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living life, loving life

some thoughts on how to live life ...

love yourself love others love what you know love what you don't understand

love fiercely love gently love loud and love soft as a whisper love continually

love when you aren't even sure how to love when the path is clear and straight and true and love when it is bumpy and you stumble as you walk

love when the landscape is unfamiliar and you look around perhaps frightened, maybe just confused ... thinking where the hell am I?

love when it hurts & most definitely love when it feels better than anything you ever thought to imagine

love to birdsong in the spring love to the music of the rain in both sunshine and in clouds

love when you lose & you are submerged drowning in pain when it hurts more than you thought it ever could & you just long for oblivion

love as if what you are seeking is also seeking you love as if what you want also wants you

love when you alone, or maybe just feeling lonely, even with so many others around love when the very effort wears you down to the point of no cover no shield & everything is exposed like a nerve

... then love just a little bit more

love as if your heart is too full & you just need to let it all out love when you feel empty & hollowed out when warmth & happiness seem like a made-up memory

love for fun love with laughter & shared secrets & joy found

love as you look and wander and dream love as you sleep no matter how long & love when you wake to a new day

love with every part of you with every bit of determination and strength you can conjure up look love right in the eye & say "no matter what, no matter when, and with no idea as to the why, I love you. always I love you."

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