Eighteen (grow up) By penutbutternick
Eighteen (grow up)
By penutbutternick eighteen stories
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penutbutternick Metal AF. Allpoetry @penutbutternick
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Wrote this while drinking coffee/kaluah from a Power ranger mug. I have a lot more that can go into this, but I’ll just post it as is and revise it later.

Eighteen (grow up) By penutbutternick

Silly naive child You don’t have the slightest clue You coddled brat So soft and fat The world will devour you

Hurry up now, child Quick, it’s time to pay the bills So go to war Or be a whore Or get some useful skills

What’s the matter, child? Can’t you make it on your own? Figure it out Grit and shout But please, don’t whine or moan

...aren’t you proud now, young man? Standing tall, your chin held high Your hands are scarred Your eyes are marred ..but you didn’t let the world pass you by

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