One dark night a man and woman walked into a hotel
One dark night a man and woman walked into a hotel stories

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you will be rewarded for your good deeds.

One dark night a man and woman walked into a hotel

The sought shelter from the pouring rain.

They went to the registration desk. Hoping to book a room. They were tired. They were wet.

"Any rooms available??"

"Ah unfortunately we are all booked up tonight", the receptionist replied.

"But....I can't leave a nice couple like you...

out on the streets on a rainy night like this"

"You can use my room. It's not the best, but you can stay"

The couple didn't want to take the receptionist's room.

They didn't want to be a hassle. But the receptionist insisted so they eventually accepted the offer.

The morning came....

The man told the receptionist, "Thank you so much!

I see a future manager in you. You would make an amazing manager for the one of the best hotels in the state. I may be able to arrange that for you"

5 years passed.....

The receptionist had long forgotten about the incident.

When one day he received a letter from the man reminding him of that time with an airplane ticket to New York.

When the receptionist arrived,

the man walked the receptionist to one of the busiest intersections in New York. "Do you see that tall building over there?", he asked.

"That's the hotel I built for you"

The receptionist's jaw dropped.

This was based off of a true story.

Don't turn your back on those in need. Give what you can. The Universe has its way of rewarding you.

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