Boys don't cry
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pendependent A good person, perhaps
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A simple poem about something I've noticed

Boys don't cry

Today is the first day of my life I open my eyes and I see all the colors of the world Who wouldn't cry at such beauty But I am shushed Boys do not cry

Today I've learned to walk I test my feet and fall Fear takes me over and tears spring to my eyes But oh haven't you heard Boys do not cry

Today I am biking for the first time I turn, I twist, I fall, I cry But alas not for long My face turns solemn and my frown is gone For boys do not cry

I have stayed outside for a while too long Dad yells and mom frowns along I go to my room and let out my guilt in tears Until I remember Boys do not cry

I have studied for this test for too long Annoyed, I let out a weep I get a stare I remember Boys do not cry

I meet a girl as beautiful as waterfalls She makes me smile And only smile I comfort her Because boys do not cry

I ask her to marry me She will walk down the aisle I will stare at her and I will smile But I won't cry even tears of joy I suppose you already know why

One day my dad is no longer here And all the pent up anger and fear Keeps on catching up And that will never stop Until something changes

And my wife will teach me I can cry And maybe one day When visiting my fathers grave I'll let out a tear Because boys cry

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