Radiation Poisoning
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The story takes place in Russia. The year 2057. America detonates a nuclear bomb in Kazakhstan, the impact of a major exchange of nuclear weapons causing an outbreak of a virus that is slowly spreading around the world. Seventeen-year-old high school student, Valeria, manages to escape the city before everything gets out of hand, but can she survive the creatures that are lurking around the streets?

Radiation Poisoning


St. Petersburg, Russia. The prospect of Nevsky.

December 15th, 2057.

Firing continuously, I can feel the heat quickly searing through the handguard of the gun, I gasped for air as I tried to hold the weight of the gun, control the recoil to my best ability,

and run away from whatever that thing is.

I have four more magazines left, constantly reminding myself while I laid fire into it, I am starting to get used to how loud the gunshot is,

and I can see the flames breathing out of the muzzle clearly, as well as blood splashing from that thing whenever it's hit.

As I moved down the street, I quickly ducked into a small alley adjacent to the main road after I flipped over a car that blocked it.

I could feel my heart jumping through my throat, nauseated, exhausted, I leaned back onto a door.

Carrying the rifle has made my arm sore, I hugged it close, and I can see vapor coming off of the barrel.

After I caught my breath, somewhat, I peeked out slightly, and this horrendous creature was sitting on top of the car, probably two meters away from me, clicking loudly.

I panicked and pulled the trigger; caught off guard, I couldn't control the recoil, the gun started to spit fire, kicking up a few inches from my foot,

all the way up through that creature and to the sky.

A couple of rounds hit it, I think, I saw for a split second some new holes on its torso, as well as a chunk of its face being taken off; I fell back, quickly turned around,

and started to crawl-run away from it.

Dashing down the alley, it suddenly started to emit this awful, ear-piercing screech, I looked back, and it was on the car, standing on the hind legs, screaming into the sky.

I kept running and felt blood soaking through my jeans, it burns from the inside, and the pain is almost too much to bear, but I have to run, I have to.

Coming out of the alley, I arrived at the street on the other side, full of crashed cars and trash. Stumbled to a van, I could taste the metallic smell of blood as it fumed in the air.

The only thing keeping me at ease is the rifle slung around my body. As I rested onto the back seat of a torn apart van, I could feel my blood soaking through the seat.

Exhaustion to the extreme, my vision became blurry and narrow, muffled moans froze at my throat, although too weak to lift a finger, my mind still functions, barely.

There it is again, those clicking noise and footsteps. I mustered all my strength to push the safety lever down and it didn't take much before everything turned dark...

I heard it. That depriving silence.

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