The True Story of Santa Claus
The True Story of Santa Claus christmas stories

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The True Story of Santa Claus.

The True Story of Santa Claus

There once were 3 young girls back then.

They were from a poor family, and had almost nothing.

Well, a rich man, a Christian man, called by the name, "Saint Nicholas" heard about them through their father.

They were friends, and the father "had" to marry them off to be taken care of.

Well, at night, Saint Nick pulled on his red coat, and took lots of coins out, and set off for their house.

There was no place in but the chimney.

So, he climbed in. He saw the girl's shoes were by the fireplace.

Saint Nick dropped generous amounts of coins in each of the pairs of shoes, and left quickly.

His friend was happy and excited the next day because of it, and Saint Nicholas continued giving to those in need.

But now past AD, people turned him into a fat guy with a sleigh and "magical reindeer" who gives to everyone and takes everyone's milk and cookies.

But ya, Saint Nick is and will always be.....

The REAL Santa Claus!

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