The Cursed Bridge
The Cursed Bridge  stories

pegleg Need to talk? I won’t. I’ll just listen
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This bridge is cursed. Just walk by, it gives you a reason to die. If it can’t come up with one, it just throws you off. Not giving you the choice....

The Cursed Bridge

"It's okay. Just remember the rules. You can talk to her again." I trusted her. My girlfriend committed suicide 2 months ago, bullied for being lesbian. I thought I was enough. I guess not.

I went to the bridge at night, and set the Oujia board up. I circled the triangle around, saying, "Are you there?" It went to, "Yes." I was so happy.

"Why'd you do it? Why'd you leave?" I waited. Then it spelled out, "Because, you didn't love me." Then, "And, it's not Tessa." I felt a shove, and I fell over the railing.

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