So, here’s all the crushes I’ve ever had.
So, here’s all the crushes I’ve ever had. crushes stories

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So, here’s all the crushes I’ve ever had.

Okay, so, everyone has told y'all their crush, or that they like someone, and they confess, and wait for the person to respond.

This'll be different.

I don't have a current crush.

(I know, I'm currently almost 13, and I don't have a crush all the time....SHOCKING!)

In fact, I've only ever had one crush in my life. ((Ok, I lied. I've had like 3. One in kindergarten, one in first grade, and one in fourth. I'll tell them all.))

Anyways. The least recent, in kindergarten...welp....soo I'm not saying ANY name on this one, cuz one person on here knows him and it'll be embarrassing.

Anyway. I remember chasing him around the playground at church yelling, "KISS ME! KISS ME!" I was dumb back then, Kay?

He kept screaming "NO, NO, NO!!!!"

Anyways, moving on!

Sooo.....there was this boy in first grade that I liked because he had the same name as me, but it was spelled different.

I was always trying to play with him, and when we played tag, and he tried to tag me, I was like, "MISSED ME, MISSED ME, NOW YA GOTTA KISS ME!!!" Remember when you did that?

Anyways...I always sat next to him, and I think I was kinda annoying towards him....anyways ....

So he moved away like two months within the day school started.

Without saying goodbye, or anything. Just POOF. Gone. Ever since that day, even though he probably left because of a parents job...I think he left because I was soo annoying towards him.... XDDD

Anyways....The most recent crush I've had was was in fourth grade. There was this fifth grade boy, who was like my best friend.

We always talked, and he was really polite to all the girls, especially me.

(So I I had a chance with him, gosh dang It!) Anyway, so I first actually noticed that I liked him when one of my friends gave him candy, and I got jealous..

Stupid right? I think so too...

Anyway, so I was like IN LOVE in fourth grade. He was really smart, and he was blonde and had blue eyes, and I mean hey, to me he was pretty cute.


He moved away to like Idaho or whatevs, so I was rlly depressed till like now, and I still am. WE COULDVE HAD A LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP!!!!

I think it's safe to say his name because he probably doesn't have this...his name is Sawyer. So ya...

I also think there was some girl that I thought was pretty, and got freaked out about thinking about my sexuality, but I think it was a false alarm.

Like I got over it like after a week, so I'm good...

I'm straight.

So anyway, that's my love life....sooo far..

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