Historical Narrative of Mrs Bessie Waldo Allison
Historical Narrative of Mrs Bessie Waldo Allison titanic stories

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Based off a real woman’s story during the Titanic.

Historical Narrative of Mrs Bessie Waldo Allison

First, some clarification. Some ((ONLY SOME, MOST IS REAL.)) is made up. But this is based off of a true story. It was a real woman. Who really went back for a child. On the Titanic.

I'm turning this in, and what do you guys think?

(Hudson is her husband, btw)

Hudson, Loraine, Major Peuchen, Harry Molson and I had just finished dinner, I picked up Lori, and told my husband that I wanted to look at the Jacobean dining room,

as I heard it looked exquisite. "Of course dear. Hurry back though." I assured him I would, pecked him on the cheek and walked off, holding Lori on my hip.

"Come on, doesn't this look so pretty?" I asked my two year old. Then, I felt a sudden jerk. The lights started flickering, and Lori started to whimper.

I looked out a nearby window, to see what all the commotion was about, and saw that the device that kept us afloat had been damaged.

I rushed to the deck, where everyone else went, calling for my husband, and our baby son, Trevor. “Hudson! Trevor!" I went to the lifeboats, to check if they were there, but they weren't.

Another young woman told me, "Oh, is your husband Mr. Allison?" I nodded, clinging to my daughter. "He's being lowered in a boat on the other side of the ship.

I ran as fast as I could, but when I got there, my husband wasn't there.

The ship jerked again, and someone grabbed me and Lori, and tried to forcibly put me on a boat. "No! Not without my baby!" I shouted, and fought against the man's grip.

I dragged Lori out of the boat, and went to go check our room, and no one was there. The flickering lights went out completely. There was a shudder, and a nasty sounding crack.

I could feel the boat tipping. I tried running back to the deck. I heard someone screaming, "No! My wife is still aboard! Wait, stop!" It was Hudson.

He scrambled back on the ship, and started to say, "Its okay, Trevor's with Alic--" Another crack, and another. The ship snapped in half. The ship started sliding into the water.

I held Loraine close to me. She was screaming and crying, and I cradled her, crying, and wanting so much to tell her everything would be okay. I felt water. I tried to keep us above the waves.

The current was strong, and it pulled me under. I tried to push Lori up, as I went down. I struggled with the waves, until Loraine's screams slowly subsided. Her body went limp.

"No...no...no....NO! HUDSON! Someone help me!" I clung to my young daughter's body, screaming, and crying for someone to help. I saw a boat, with people pointing at me.

I screamed, and cried, before being pulled under by a wave again. I inhaled water, and kept getting pulled under. My lungs and eyes burned from the salt water. Then, I started to sink.

Down, down, down. Then, everything went black.


Whatcha guys think? Comment down below!

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