Hamilton in Hogwarts Houses bc why not
Hamilton in Hogwarts Houses bc why not hamilton stories

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Hamilton in Hogwarts Houses bc why not

Alexander Hamilton- Slytherin

I think this is obvious. He is VERY ambitious, and he literally does anything to get. To his goal.

He neglects his wife, publishes about cheating, gets in a duel even after his son dies in one, etc, etc.

Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton- Hufflepuff (ma house)

Again, very obvious. She is loyal to Alexander even when he cheated. She is extremely kind, and trustworthy, as stated by Angelica, who knew her best.

Angelica Schuyler Church- Ravenclaw

No, I didn't choose this because she's smart. Not all Ravenclaws have to be smart. They have to have eagerness to learn. Not that Angelica isn't smart, just, that's not why I chose Ravenclaw.

She's witty, and eager to learn.

Margarita "Peggy" Schuyler- Gryffindor (let me explain)

We didn't see Peggy much, no, but in history, while Eliza was pregnant, and in the family mansion, every woman who was in the mansion at the time was pregnant, except for Peggy.

One day, intruders broke in, looking for Philip Schuyler. They left a baby downstairs. Peggy bravely (VERY BRAVELY) went downstairs to go get the child.

The people caught her, demanding for her father.

She lied, saying he was downtown. She grabbed the baby and ran upstairs. There is still a dent in the staircase from an axe they threw at her.

Aaron Burr, sir- Slytherin

Listen, Aaron Burr had many ambitions. He was always worse than Hamilton. And he kept it in till Hamilton chose Jefferson as president. That set him off because, well that was his chance.

Slytherins do anything for their goal. Aaron Burr killed Hamilton. He wrote threatening letters..just to get better than someone, and to get in the room where it happens.

John Laurens- Gryffindor

I did a report on Laurens, and I can explain why he's not in any of the other houses. He's not in Slytherin because he's not really as ambitious, and wouldn't kill someone for his goal.

He's not Hufflepuff because he's not trustworthy. He lied to his father, and went to war, getting killed. He made a witty remark, but that was once....

but he was very brave and reckless in battle. He decided to go to war. He fought for slaves. That takes bravery.

Thomas Jefferson- Ravenclaw

I mean, he wrote many important things for our country. Though he fought with Hamilton, he seemed to have a desire for knowledge, and wanted to know things.

And, he wasn't the worst president ever guys, c'mon.

James Madison- Hufflepuff (AGAIN, LET ME EXPLAIN)

Okay, James Madison, is Jefferson's loyal friend, or sidekick or whatevs. What matters is that he's loyal.

And, he was trustworthy, because he was always sickly, and someone offered something that would make him "live longer" but...

he turned it down, like a trustworthy person, cuz he didn't cheat death.

King George III- Slytherin

I think this is obvious....

George Washington- Gryffindor

I mean, c'mon guys. He was a GENERAL of a WAR. Like, big boi stuff.

Maria Reynolds- Gryffindor (CHILL GUYS)

Maria Reynolds...Ooh Maria. She was blackmailed by her husband...he said that if she didn't go through with the affair, he would hurt their daughter, Susan.

She didn't want that, so she stayed strong, and bravely held up, with all the hate circulating around her.

So yeah... that's it. If I didn't include someone, I know I missed Hercules, and lots of minor characters, it's bc I couldn't pick. Bye


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