Give your son extra attention!
Give your son extra attention! son stories

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DISCLAIMER:: I am not an expert in this subject. I literally looked things up, from trustable sources, and decided to write about it, thank you!

Give your son extra attention!

A son is a special thing to have.

Some people never have one.

A daughter is special too.

But for some reason,

So many people want baby girls.

Not many want boys, and I don't know why.

A son is special.

You can help him through his girl troubles,

or his problems at school.

Girls, as I am one, most girls like to keep problems to themselves.

They hate opening up..

But boys sometimes open up easier at a younger age.

But as he gets older, he may seem distant,

While your daughter is a happy, enter get it ball of happiness.

This is because boys and girls are different,

Boys need more attention .

Not that your daughter needs no attention,

But give your son some extra attention.

He may open up even more.

Cuz ur son will feel more comfortable!

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