Entry #1
Entry #1 diary stories

pegleg Need to talk? I won’t. I’ll just listen
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My first entry is this diary series!

Entry #1

Hey guys..so I'm thinking for a series, for like a week, or like a month I could write like a diary entry of my feelings....so here we go!

Day 1 ———— I’m feeling very unheard of, because whenever I have a problem you shrug me off. You’re like, “You’re overreacting.” Or, “You’ll be fine.”

But I’m feeling like you don’t care, but I’m scared if I tell you you’ll come back with something else like, “Oh, whatever. You’re being dramatic!” Or, “We do care!”

But if you do, no matter how stupid it is, whatever I’m sad/upset about, you should help me through it. But NO!

You come back with a comment, making me regret telling you because you came with a logical explanation, telling me I’m wrong.

And you wonder why I don’t always come confess to you? This is why I don’t. Because I feel like you wouldn’t care enough to help me through it.

You always tell me that you love me, and I believe you. You really do love me. But, I feel like I wish you supported me more.

I feel like I can’t tell you what they’re saying about me in school. I wish you’d see from my perspective...

For just one day....


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