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Seeing people die is painful. But seeing HOW people die is worse.

By: I don’t really’s based off something else, but it’s far from exact.

Death Vision

I don’t really know who the original author’s based off something else, but it’s far from exact.

I walk into the store, and walk to my aisle. I stop in my tracks, and watch as I see a little girl with her mother.

I try to close my eyes.

But a vision invades my thoughts.

I see the little girl getting led away, and left to starve to death after being attacked.

I am back in reality when I see the little girl, pale. I can see her ribs, almost coming out.

It's sickening, and I look away quickly.

That's my next mistake. I see a man, checking out his groceries.

I fall into another trance. I'm in a bank, and I see the man behind the counter.

Alarms start blaring.

Gunshots fired.

I come back, frightened. I look at the man, now with a bullet hole straight through his gut, and another through his head.

Then, I see the cashier. She looks around 18 years old.

I see a man.

I hear him hitting her.

I hear a strangled cry.

When I come back this time, I see bruises, and cuts, and blood everywhere.

I rush to pack my groceries up in my cart, looking down at the floor.

I checked out and ran to the car.

I looked at a rear view mirror.

I saw me.

A rope was tied.

A chair clattered to the floor.

I didn't regret it.

I was back in my car, in cold sweat.

My clammy hands tried to grip the steering wheel.

I wish I didn't wish to see how people died.

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