Food Run
Food Run comedy stories

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My night turned out to be a very unexpected one

Food Run

Driving through the dark skies

On a long road similar to the highway

Another car begins to approach me

I knew I had to get away

I pushed the acceleration

Yet the other car was still able to catch up

My stomach growling

I knew I needed some food in my life

And make sure I got some McDonald's fries for my wife

I began to pull into the driveway when I realized

The other car was no ordinary car

It was the police

He must have been hungrier than I was

He approached my vehicle as I came back with the food

It was either recieve a ticket or offer my wife's fries

So it's safe to say I was not going to offer mine

I was able to pull away with no fine

But sleeping on the couch was not good

I learned a valuable lesson that night

Don't ever mess with another woman's food

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