FOE (Friends or Enemies)
FOE (Friends or Enemies)  misunderstandings stories

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One day they can be your friend and the next day they could become your enemy.

FOE (Friends or Enemies)

We started getting really close I called you my friend We were supposed to be there for each other Until the very end But certain things were said I probably shouldn't say them again

Because if I do, it'll feel like I'm committing a sin But these thoughts keep on racing through my head I can't take it anymore So fuck it, let me say them again You said "I wish you were never born" And out of frustration I said "I wish you were dead"

And at that point, our friendship was hanging by a thread We should have tried to make it work But we went our separate ways instead

The years flew by Started watching the clock spin And realized I'm tired of holding grudges in We were clearly both at fault But I guess it depends Because you might put the blame on me Let's not pretend the blames on you too

It was one of those arguments where there was a slight misunderstanding Yet we threw away the whole friendship There could have been a better way in handling it It's probably too late for us to make amends I wonder if we we will ever decide to be friends again

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