The Fall
The Fall poetry stories

pearmintsquid Stand some stones and see if they fall.
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First poem in a while. Thought I should upload, so here you go!

The Fall

I feel the frost crawl down my spine, as I enter the ice hole, a fish on a line, the frantic scramble which I foresaw, is lost in a memory once and for all,

the shimmering glass window which I flow through, and i'm not sure that what's what is true, oh hell! - oh help! and I see a bear, a rugged brown one just standing there,

its solemn gaze smashes into my soul, as if a ticket master wanting his toll, he gives the signal and my train chugs on, the last tip of my frosted fingers long gone,

falling back into the blueness of the void, into the stillness my unscathed mind seeks to destroy, as I watch my body lower over the horizon I give up the free will which my sanctity relies on,

"falling into the abyss..." I say with the last of my health, "is not much different than life itself...

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