I Hadn't Considered Before
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Going to be getting back into posting regularly. So this is a hint of what's to come! Hope you enjoy.

I Hadn't Considered Before

Hey that's a thought I hadn't considered before, Why don't you sit next to me on love's open door, I'll take thoughts and articulations of your kind words, And paint them like fluctuations in the wings of birds,

Illusions and hallucinations in your eye's sun beams, Desert castle gates guard message meanings, And the knight rides past on his pale tan horse, As though in answer to seldom past discourse,

That drove our minds, that gave us signs, That pointed out extending beaches beyond our petty lines, We drew in the sand as the waves returned, With little time to think of barriers overturned,

One day we'll sit together in that place we'd sat before. We'll think about those oneness thoughts, those brilliant spectacles of love and haze, those dazes of confusion, feeling, strength and charm.

Of knowing the ins and outs finally, of creating that space where feeling flourishes like rhododendrons down at the wet end of the garden. And the red and violet lines you smear in the sky will come down and wrap round us as we dance through piano keys and roses.

Shallow seas and poses we leave behind and return to new land that's older than our sandy feet. I'll profess my desires like before, this time. I'll tell you all the things I adore, this time. I'll create a world for us to kiss goodbye And hug it tightly. Crying where we lie.

I echo you and you echo me, we used to need big green pools and cracks in our extremities. But now we just see ourselves in the other. And yet again I'll ask you about your mother. You'll tell me those things again. Again.

She's my supporter, She's my porter to your luggage. With lovage, she spices my thinking, Then publish just before I start sinking.

Now do you mind if I title you, It doesn't fit my vision, Categorize with a brighter hue, Swatches in our collision.

And mountains before the morning sun, There's specks on the highway, You see me as scorching dun, I mischaracterized and didn't repay,

But I now cry with you And I feel the grass prick my fingers the same way you do,

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