The past is past and I miss it
The past is past and I miss it stories

peadardioneCommunity member
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i'm in a nostalgic mood today. So seriously fuck nostalgia. This poem was a combat from that from one of my favorite tumblr blogs.

Source: Celtic Poetry,

The past is past and I miss it

by Celtic Poetry

I miss the old days

they’re gone now

of course they are

they always are

the past is the past

but sometimes, we wish

it wasn’t so, don’t we?

but we keep fighting,

the inevitable, that time goes around

and around, sailing away with the better days

until just memories are left

drying inside with nostalgia

and we weep, because we can’t do anything

we can never do anything about it but remember the better days, that time when we thrived in the sun and was happy

fuck, the nostalgia is hard tonight

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