Like Those Foreign Stars (Bokuto x Female Y/n)
Like Those Foreign Stars (Bokuto x Female Y/n) anime stories

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Among the many stars lie people around the world. What happens when Bokuto discovers his lifetime fan Y/n who had the courage to say hi? Only the stars in the universe can tell.

Like Those Foreign Stars (Bokuto x Female Y/n)

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Anime: Haikyuu

With a sound of a whistle the game match ended making Fukurodani the winners of the volleyball game. Bokuto the ace was walking down with the biggest grin on his face "Akaashi!!! Did you see that??? Huh!!! Did you???" He asked excitedly hoping he'd say yes.

As always Akaashi turned to face him slightly smiling "Yes Bokuto. I saw you and you did an amazing job.¨ His voice calming like the flowers in spring as Bokuto grinned "Well of course! I am the best after all!!!" In the crowd was a long haired female Y/n L/n.

She was a big fan of Bokuto, especially since she wasn't from Japan. Y/n had a love for volleyball but to her expense she actually tried out for her team and made the position as Ace like Bokuto.

After the game ended Y/n saw Bokuto grabbing a drink of water, so she gathered up her courage to walk over to him. "E-Excuse me! Bokuto!" she said her voice making him turn and face her. His eyes widen he could tell that she wasn't from here "Hey Hey Hey! I'm Bokuto but I guess you already know that! So whats up?"

His energy was quite energetic as always as Y/n let out a soft giggle. "Hi Bokuto. Actually I do know you especially since I-I'm like your biggest fan...¨ Then she handed him Yakiniku his favorite food. Bokuto eyes lit up like stars as he opened it "Wow! I can't believe you know my favorite food! I'm assuming you made this...

Thank you!" And after that day Bokuto couldn't stop thinking about Y/n. Her long H/c hair that would be easily to flow like the wind, Her E/c was just almost to pretty. Although he knew that Y/n wasn't from Japan, he was destined to find his 'Baby Owl' among the foreign stars.

Promising himself that he would always try his best in volleyball because no matter where he was in the whole universe he knew atleast there would be his team and Y/n to support him whether he wins or loses. And maybe soon he would make Y/n his.

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