Heavenly: jjk | chapter two
Heavenly: jjk | chapter two  bts stories

peachyjeoon I try to escape from school by writing.
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Lee Gyeongi thought she was an ordinary girl, however everything changed once she learned who she truly was.


Inspired by Percy Jackson and The trials of Apollo.
A jeon jungkook fic


Cuss words are included.

Heavenly: jjk | chapter two


"So you're saying I'm a demigod?" I gasped. We were in a hurry so Grover and I went back to my house to grab a few things and then we settled out on the road.

I sat on the passenger seat while Grover was the one who was driving. He nodded to my question and proceeded to talk.

"I'll tell you a story, are you ready for it?" He asked me, his eyes still set on the road. I nodded as I adjusted my position.

Nothing's more shocking than to know that I'm a demigod. The gods whom i had admired so dearly; and now I'm one of them.

I've always thought that I was a normal teenage girl, just like the rest- and I still am. Trust me- there's nothing about me that screams 'goddess'

Maybe the goddess of food- pigs? Never mind.

"It all started 18 years ago. On February 14th, a woman named Suji, gave birth to a young beautiful girl.

That girl had crystal green eyes, her hair was pure black, but, when her hair came in touch with water, it turned silver.

However; the birth of the child wasn't just happiness. Her mother was a human and her dad a god. When Cronus found about his son's newly born daughter, he raged.

This girl had an older sibling, and this sibling was too a demigod. His eyes crystal blue. Cronus was nice enough to spear this boy's life.

However, he swore that if his son ever fell in love with a human again and if he ever got one more child delivered,

he'd kill the child."

I felt cold shivers run down my spine and down to my stomach. My palms sweaty. I already knew the answer to my question, but I still had the urge to ask.

"That girl.., is she me?"

I looked at Grover. His eyes were dark and full of sorrow.

His grip on the steering wheel tightened. He seemed relaxed, but I bet he was just as nervous and scared as i was.


It's you, Lee Gyeongi."

I looked out the window not wanting to look at Grover. Although it wasn't his fault, I still couldn't face him. Maybe because it was him who had told me the story and nobody else.

And why is it Grover who had to pick me up? Why not my brother? Why'd he not come?

Several thoughts surrounded my head. The clouds got darker and rain started to pour down. The rain has never been so strong before.

Lighting struck between the clouds. The sun quickly disappeared and the dark surrounded it. It rained endlessly in the dark, it was as if the rain was alive.

It roared like madness and hit down on the soil, feeding the hungry gras.

"And so? Why am I not dead yet?" I spoke up, my eyes still attached on the rain.

Grover sighed, and then a coughed right after. He adjusted his seat, flashed a look at me and focused back on the bumpy road.

"Well, your father was a good one. He loved you so much, he couldn't let go. He decided to ask for help from his brothers and friends.

But before that, he made sure to send you back to the human world with your mother. He cast a spell on you, sealing your magic away.

Without your magic Cronus couldn't track you or feel you. However having your magic taken away gave you disadvantages.

Just like a human, you'd get hurt and not be able to heal yourself with your powers, your flexibility and energy lacks. Your hair can't turn silver either.

To make you more natural- and more normal like the other citizens, your eyes turned brown.

Together, your father and his brothers plotted a plan against Cronus. And then, on a cold night, where the rain rained it's heaviest, when the thunder struck it hardest,

The Greek gods declared war against Cronus."

War? My father whom I don't even remember, loved me so dearly, he must've been worried for all these years, yet I wasn't aware.

Yet, I haven't had the time to look for him. Not even once have I ever thought about my father. My mom told me he was dead and that was it.

I believed her and didn't care to ask any other questions about him since.

Other than that, I know nothing about my father. Maybe he had blue eyes like me too. I always found it weird how everyone in my class had brown dark eyes.

They'd ask me if I wore contact lenses, and I'd say 'no, they're natural', of course they wouldn't believe me though.

They all brushed it off and told me to talk to them when "you've learned that lying is wrong."

I played with my hair. I watched my finger curl around it and then let it go back, only to do it again.

"So? Did they succeed?"

He nodded. "They did, however

Cronus was very strong. The strongest among them all. They could only seal him for a certain amount of time.

Yesterday , your neighbour caught you using your magic. I met him on a bar, drunk. That's when he mentioned you.

How you shared an interest for mythological gods, how you liked to pretend you had powers. He thought you were mentally sick,

But what he saw that night changed everything. He could've spit lies that night, but I saw the sincerity in his eyes. He too was a believer- in the mythological gods I mean.

You must know that the gods watch us from above.

Although the Greek gods managed to seal Cronus away in a pandora box, his powers remained. We knew that the pandora box wouldn't keep him away for long.

We thought the seal would break when you turned 78,

However, we were wrong. Once you used your magic that night, Cronus managed to get a scent of your power, your magic.

It must've driven him so crazy..,

So crazy that he broke the seal; And managed to escape from the box.

That's why I was sent to get you. We must bring you back to the god camp so you can learn how to use your powers.

I know you've been wondering, why didn't my brother come get me? You see- we couldn't protect him that day.

Yesterday I mean. It all came so unexpectedly- your brother got taken by Cronus and he's held caged every since.

You're the only one left Gyeongi. That's why we have to keep you safe,

That's why we have to leave."

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