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By peachy_tea
Part 2 of Keys to The Unsolved Mystery!
I hope you all like it! Comment if you have any feedback, any feedback is appreciated. 💗

(part 2)

Do not continue if you have not read part 1 !

I walked through the movie theater timidly, unsure of what I was looking for, but somehow feeling sure I would find it here. A flash of light flickered almost slightly to my right, and instinctively I turned towards a row of seats that I´d just passed, but the seats were gone.

In its place was a tall boy that looked nearly the same age as me. ¨You came?¨ The boy said. What did he mean you came? ¨Are you Eleanor´s granddaughter?¨ I took the ticket out and looked to see if his name might have been printed on there, but it was not.

¨Yes I am, but who are you?¨ He walked closer to me and asked, ¨Is that the movie ticket?¨ He must be the one who mailed us the ticket. ¨Who are you and why do you need it?¨ The boy disappeared into the light. I wanted to know more but I had to find more clues.

I looked high and low, but no clues. Then that´s when I saw that one of the metal squares on the back of the seat was loose. I tried pulling it. Pushing it, but nothing worked. I took my glasses off to clean them, the light from the film reflected onto the loose metal square.

Finally it opened! Quickly I looked inside I found a cutout piece of magazine. The magazine showed a large carnival. It looked old and on the side it had the location.

I knew if I needed to find out more about the boy and who mailed nana that envelope...I need to go there!

To Be Continued

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