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peachyi promise that i care more than i show
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what is a heart?

by peachy

sometimes i am unable to hear the depth of his voice,

for my thoughts seem to be louder,

as my body aches for his touch;

what is a broken heart anyway?~

//i was unaware of the hurt he's been causing, until one day i realised; i've been addicted to the pain, unintentionally screaming: "hurt me harder!"//

how does such awfulness, full of lies and broken promises,

come in such beautiful package?

you stay unaware of its power and will to hurt you,

but the moment you come close,

you'll know you made the biggest /most beautiful/ mistake of your life;

what is a shattered heart anyway?~

//it has the prettiest smile you've ever seen, breathtaking. so wide, it will try to swallow you, heartbreaking.//

though you'll still keep clinging onto what you thought was real,

with your burnt lips and heart that's craving nothing but his love,

you'll feel your fingertips wanting to fall out just so they're able to touch such beauty,

as you've never cared about your feelings at all;

what is a heart anyway?~

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