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peachyi promise that i care more than i show
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He was right; you deserve the best. That's why he left.

I'm here.

by peachy

You'll catch yourself crying in the middle of the night, because just thinking about him leaving you hurts.

and two minutes later, when he calls you and says; "Hey beautiful. Are you okay?"

You'll want to tell him that, no, you're not, your thoughts are going crazy and your heart is racing.

It feels as if someone has their hands buried inside of you, playing with your gut, and trying to rip your heart out.

It makes you sick, unable to move or speak.

But, of course you won't be able to say all that, you'll ask him one simple thing;


"O-okay.. I'm here."

And those words, will hurt more than anything in a two years time.

Because he won't call you again, and you'll feel like your chest is going to explode.

"Maybe, this is what I deserve."

You'll think to yourself, even though he used to say you deserved the best.

"I'm here."

He used to promise every night. Until you found him kissing her, in a completely different way than he's ever kissed you. And you'll finally realise;

He was never here.

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