Daddy Daddy Daddy Do. A poem by Pamela DiMauro
Daddy Daddy Daddy Do.
A poem by Pamela DiMauro resiliency stories

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It's based of the style of Gertrude Stein's poem "If I Told Him". A story of pain and trauma. A story of a child and her trying to process this trauma

Daddy Daddy Daddy Do. A poem by Pamela DiMauro

The demons eyes lie,

In his hollow mind

Hollow, hollow, hollow?

Stops me dead in my tracks.

I try to deny, this sad story (I wish wasn’t true)

Family. Daddy, Daddy? Daddy do.

These desolate days.

He knows his sins

With devilish eyes he hides behind his grin.

He hides, hides, hides, hid

The demons eyes lied,

Silence hits me, hits me again

And I’m here alone with the thoughts in my head

“Run, run, run” they all say

Because daddy did, daddy did, daddy did again.

I grew up, grew up alone

Because daddy did, daddy did. Daddy?

I grew up emotional, angry, opinioned, protecting myself with hate, so I knew,

Daddy would stay away… from this monster I grew.

My anger swells

My anger bleeds through my pen

You’ve gone.


You wish this story was happier but, that’s a part of life

You’re dealt with a story,

It’s just up to you to fight.

But daddy,daddy did

And now you’re left with oblivion,

Of another demons lies

Another fault created from our lives

The world turns slowly.

Because your Daddy does..

The unthinkable to your blood,

Makes it slow, curdle at the thought.

That wasn’t, was not, was not, your daddy.

He was your poor beginning

The nightmares that woke you

The story that was never ending,

The flat note at the beginning of your song,

The reason you felt accursed.

Mom, she pained because daddy, daddy did.

He was the reason for your tremulous steps.

You grew up with this blood connected

This monster, a part of you? Your body rejected.

Lies, lies, lies, lied?

That’s all the demons eyes do is lie.

You grew up FEARFUL that

Daddy, daddy, daddy do

What he did to sister,

To you.

But you were fearful, anxious, and angry yet survived by his mistakes.

You swore to the world, that you’d make it a better place.

You’d find every demon with an innocent face,

And pray for the daughter that daddy disgraced.

You’d take every chance to bring a smile to someone’s face.

In hopes that some joy would lift them out of that darker place.

You’d take the time to make someone laugh,

Make sure someone had a better life, than you could ever have.

You’d take the time to listen

Even when it was inconvenient.

Because no one ever knew,

What one person’s daddy was capable of

When daddy daddy daddy, daddy would do.

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