alice in wasteland: a poem
alice in wasteland: a poem mental illness awareness stories

pblod23 music and poetry
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alice in wonderland isn't as wonderful as it seems...

alice in wasteland: a poem

by pblod23

she was alice but her wonderland was hell for the hole she fell in was anything but swell...

instead of mr. rabbit it was mr. depression leading her to bad habits and to an even worse obsession

her tongue had the taste of sorrow and death and she tried to cover it up with alcohol and meth

the bottles with "drink me" sent chills down her spine and even when she didn't want it she was controlled by vines

everywhere she went the grim reaper followed...

her steering wheel said "crash me" and her poor heart bellowed

no matter where she decided to go she was poisoned with fear and the signs continued on

"drown in me" "cut with me" satan's spawn

her head started hurting and her mind was about to explode so she listened to their words

3.... 2... 1..


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