Together it changed
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For all I know this will suck.... I'm fairly young

Together it changed

by paytonsrader

The color blue..

Blue reminds me of the ocean. How the mild temperatures change like you. The way it comes in and out like nothing will stop it. Blue, will forever be in our name

Our autumn over time

Over time the leaves change. Some come some go. Yet in the end some stayed.

The view that stayed

I've been many places seen many things .yet out of everything you were the mane thing I see. Your eyes like stars your spirit so high. You are .... My sky

Down below

I've gone too far. I'm afraid it's too late. Don't grab on and hold me till they come for us.Our life is not a movie. We will not be the reason the titanic sank before our hearts.


I dreamed as though you staying was going to change something. I dreamed as though you would take me off and ride in the sun set. I may have dreamed .. But I know what a fantasy is.

We were rockets who couldn't be let down

We soared, like everyone was watching. They told us to quit as though we would fall. In the end they couldn't bring us down.

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