I had always wanted a ‘title’
I had always wanted a ‘title’ title stories

payton_anderson Community member
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For the people who need a title

I had always wanted a ‘title’

Something to be known for

Something along the lines of “spontaneous”, “cheerful”, or “astonishing”

What I hadn’t realized yet was that those words were already part of my title

You see, in life we don’t ever just get one view or judgement.

We are given multiple titles by everyone we meet, all from different perspectives

Some may call you “quirky”, or “exotic”, or maybe just “annoying”

But the one thing you need to worry about, is what you title yourself

You shouldn’t let others define you when you can’t define yourself

So make sure you at least know yourself before you let others title you

Because after that point, you will only see yourself as just that. Just a silly, stupid title.

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