Chapter Five - I Hate Portals
Chapter Five - I Hate Portals fiction stories

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Vivian is getting closer to where Lena is.

Chapter Five - I Hate Portals

"This is the place."

"Right. What now?"

"You need to walk through the alley. When you reach the end, you'll be taken."

"To where she is?"

"Not quite yet. But close."

"And you are not coming with me, are you?"

"I'm not..."

"Will I see you again?"

"I really don't know...I hope so. I really enjoyed our walk together!"

"Yeah... Me too. Thanks, Groove boy. For everything. Farewell."

It was a typical alley, with high buildings made of orange brick and it got darker and colder every step I took.

I remember looking back, over my shoulder, and seeing Groove sitting down, with his happy face, waiting for me to keep going. There is no turning back now.

In a blink of an eye, I was somewhere else. I couldn't see properly right away. It was one of the effects of her portals on me, besides feeling nauseous and weak. I really hated portals.

I could see blurs of candles and chandeliers and I knew there was something watching me.

"There you are, Vivian."

"Hello again, Raven."

"Close your eyes. I'll help you."

I still don't know what it did to me, but the sickness passed faster than normal. I could see clearly where we were: her old library.

"I feel much better now. Thank you."

"I'm glad you made it."

"Are you?"

"No, I'm not. I'm a raven, I don't have feelings."

"Yeah... Right."

"I believe you have questions on your mind."

"Far too many. But you are not going to answer them, are you?"

"I believe I can try."

"Do I have time to sit down?"

"The time of your questions, only."

"How is she?"

"Confused, stressed, and waiting for you upstairs."

"Who are "they" from her letter?"

"The Witch Hunters."

"What? They've found her? How?"

"Just some days after you two broke up. She was careless. She's been running away since then."

"She needs help to escape..."

"Yes. That's why we were sent after you. You are the only one who can help her with her portal."

"Isn't there any other way? Does she really need to go?"

"That, I'm afraid, only she can answer. Are you ready to meet her?"

"I'm not. But, I'm afraid I'll never be. She is waiting in her bedroom, right?"

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