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Love poem

Adopted love

no longer care for the color of the sunset

Cause if I did it would always match the colors of your eyes

I no longer want to hold your hands on the beach

Cause if I did I would notice how your hands always felt like silk

I no longer want to be your go to

Cause on your days off it seems like I'm always just pushed to the side

I know I can be a angry man

But full blown rage that releases like a shotgun shell can't be sustained by a suppressor

I know you want perfect

But pretending to be perfect is like dancing to Ed Sherman songs with legs that don't work like they use to

I know I should be more open minded

But one way exits give me dirty looks when I was only searching for us

I know that we want this

But love gets to much to carry sometimes

so I made sure to store my heart in the contents of a safe place

I know I got a lot to learn

But I know you would be better of with someone else

I know your hands will still give the same silk touch

Eyes still give the same look

I know he would make you happy

I know the thought of me seems imaginary

But too many marks on my damaged heart

I can no longer tell what is permanent

I guess

You move on as fast as a snail been pushed by the wind

Hoping that this door just opens

Even if neither one of us is ready for it

As if there is a way to make this happen faster

I guess this game was meant to be played forever

But eventually we all have to pick up are pieces and move on

Today's mine

But tomorrow's is up to you

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