I will always love you
I will always love you stories

patricianebrilhairdresser, composer, writer, 25
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I will always love you

by patricianebril

Today I lost my head, distracted from reality, without putting my feet on the ground. Today I have thought a lot about you, the memories that still live in me.

I still remember the sound of your voice, in the hours we spent in the kitchen making Dad's birthday cake, and the smell of your sweet perfume.

You taught me that life is not always pink, that you have to fight for your dreams and above all for being strong.

I'm broken but you taught me that I have to get up, that life continues and that I have to love it every day.

You are my angel now and you give me the strength I need. Now I understand why my heart is like this,

A heart that broke it is a heart that has been loved. I will always love you mom

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