Path of Lightning: Origins 1 (part 1)
Path of Lightning: Origins 1 (part 1) modern fantasy stories

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Liz was raised by mercenaries, and for the past 15 years she has been Killing for a living. However, when she finds herself on the verge of death, she realizes that she might not be just a Killing machine, and starts questioning if this is the life she wants

Path of Lightning: Origins 1 (part 1)

Chapter 1: Fated encounter

Have you ever felt like you were born in the wrong time and place? That you belonged to somewhere faraway? That your life might have been different?

That's how she always felt. She felt it ever since she was born, and found in some dirty temple. She was in the wrong place, therefore she became associated with the wrong people.

That's what anyone would say. The outside perspective is bound to be different from the one from the inside. They would say that she was an unfortunate soul, forced to kill against her own will.

'They made you a monster.' They would say.

Perhaps that was true, and perhaps she would have been different if she never met them.

Perhaps she would have died an infant in a cold and empty temple.

"Hey Liz!"

She turned to whoever was calling her. The wind was playing with her golden hair. Her ocean blue eyes shone brighter than ever under the moonlight. She was sitting on the ruins of a building.

They were on the old and abandoned side of the city, where the only souls that could be found are criminals and gangs.

The man calling for her, Jack stared at her with an annoyed expression. "We have a job to do. If you want a dinner tonight, you should start moving!" He said sternly and crossed his arms.

The action lessened the movement of his old brown coat that was causing by the wind.

His hair and beard were grey, with no signs of any other color, showing that he was old and probably not fit for this work, but his muscles and built form said otherwise.

Liz smiled and jumped down, then wiped off the dirt from her clothes.

"Don't act so grumpy! We've done this before!" She replied, then raised her palm as light surrounded it, allowing her to summon a scythe. "Just tell me where to go."

"Our job is to take care of a certain gang in the area. Never underestimate your enemies, there is always someone out there who is stronger than you.

" The man answered, hoping that his words of wisdom would reach his apprentice, but unfortunately, that hope was crushed as a young man entered the scene, swinging a hat in his hand.

"Dude, she's a beast. I don't think anyone could beat her." Romeo walked towards them, swinging his bowler hat with his finger. "Besides, we're a good team.

" He smiled and put the black hat on his orange wild hair. His clothes matched his laid back attitude and need to show off.

The black hat with the red string matched his black top and white shirt covering it, and for some reason, he was wearing a red tie that was loosened and was out of place,

but still matched the overall black and red theme.

The leader scoffed and walked away, mentioning for them to follow. His two apprentices glanced at each other and smiled, mimicking their leader's 'serious' behavior.

They were a small mercenary group. But that group was everything she ever had. Jack was the leader, and despite not having Penergy like them, he was a capable fighter.

He always carries small knives with him that he would use for close combat, but mostly, he would aim them at his enemies, and he rarely misses his target. Romeo on the other hand, was a master of stealth. He had the ability to use his own shadow for hiding and creating copies with it for distractions.

Liz was able to change her scythe into multiple weapons. She could add any melee weapon she touches into her summoning collection.

They were a well balanced group in terms of abilities.

After walking for a good amount of time through the city, they made it to the gang's hideout. The streets were empty and there were no lights on.

The blonde leaned forward and squinted, trying to make out something from her dark surroundings.

"Is anyone even here?" Romeo asked, repeating the same action as his companion, which led to him leaning too forward and having to stop his hat from falling.

They both put their hands next to their ears and tried to catch any sound. "Do you hear that?" Liz whispered to him, and he nodded.

"Ah, yes! The sound of my empty stomach!" Romeo answered, causing the blonde to chuckle, and their leader to sigh.

The three then jumped away, avoiding an energy punch that was thrown at them.

Jack reached for his knives, Romeo smiled and fixed his hat, and Liz summoned gripped her scythe with both hands, preparing to fight.

"You think you get to walk around our city?" Their attacker was none other than a member of the gang they're after. In the matter of seconds, the three found themselves surrounded by their enemies. "Penergy users. This should be fun." Liz commented.

"Why do we always have to do this the hard way?" Romeo complained. "Stop complaining, kids." Jack said and quickly threw a knife right in one of the men's head while Romeo sighed and ran towards another one of them.

Three men charged their fists with energy before attacking him, but the attacks went through him, revealing a shadow clone, and it caused them to hit each other instead.

"Losers." Romeo commented as he appeared from the other side.

Another one imprisoned Liz in a fire circle before closing in the flames on her. The blonde looked around, then up, before smirking and causing confusion to show on the man's features.

In the blink of an eye, his prisoner left the circle. He looked up and saw her high in the sky with her weapon. He could've sworn her eyes were sparkling.

She cut him into two halves before swinging the scythe around and killing few others. What came after, was crimson red, coloring the grey and dull street. She felt alive. The smell of blood, and the pressure of battle made her blood boil. It was the one thing she has always known. But she also felt disappointed.

The Penergy users she was facing were too ordinary. Their powers were simple and only forms of energy that never turned into something special. It was at times like these that it dawned on her that she was truly a monster.

The strong smell, the rush of adrenaline, the beating of her hearts...

A knife passed by her side, killing a man behind her and snapping her from her thoughts.

"I told you to be more aware of your surroundings!" Jack scolded her, while fighting alongside Romeo.

"Why be careful when I have you?" She smiled as he partners finished the last member. It was a massacre, but there would have been more victims if these criminals roamed freely.

That was the excuse they were using.

In the end, they knew it was nothing but a lie, and all they do is for the sake of surviving. Another job done. More lives vanished from existence.

Ignoring the harsh reality, the decided to head home, but before they could...

Liz stopped, feeling a strange presence. It was an omnipresent one, unlike the people they just fought. The sound of footsteps confirmed it, and she turned to see a girl standing behind them.

She was about her age. Her dark blue hair was long and tied in a ponytail. She wore a long sleeved black shirt and jeans. There was a golden and heavy looking gauntlet attached to her right hand.

Her eyes were a dark shade of blue just like her hair, and her expression was stoic as she walked past the corpses.

Liz couldn't tear her eyes away.

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