Tavern Brawl
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A cloaked figure was searching a busy tavern for information, but he was caught up in a scuffle.

Tavern Brawl

A tall, slender hooded man slipped into a tavern. The tavern itself bustled with activity. There was a continuous roar of chatter among the various crowded tables.

Mugs clanked, cheers bellowed, and laughs collected with the soft, jolly music that echoed over the patron's heads from the corner of the tavern. Four musicians with each their own specialty.

Everyone there was having a grand time as the tavern wenches scrambled through all of them to deliver the hordes of drinks loosely strapped in their arms.

The cloaked man slithered between bundle after bundle of people. His ears peered into their conversations. First a group of guards who's dropped most of their armor to relax.

Then a huddle of thugs that sat in a dark corner. Two mercenaries having a friendly chat, making it extra difficult to discern what he needed amongst the idle fluff.

Then a Royal Officer, drunkenly flirting with a wench. The hooded man was satisfied with the knowledge he discovered and directly made his way for the exit, shouldering people out of his way.

He outstretched his arm for the knob but was stopped by a gruff man's voice from behind. He turned and it was one of the thugs. He'd kept an eye on the cloak.

"What'd ye think yer doin'?" He huffed and hollered above the crowd.

Most of them fell silent and the change in tone gradually quieted down the rest of the patrons. The cloak studied him for a moment, drunk and unruly.

He glanced back at the door then shrugged, "Well... I was just about to leave," He spouted with a snort.

"Oh? An' now?"

He squinted at him as he licked his back teeth in aggravation, "Now... I'm talking with an uneducated twat." He glanced around without moving his head, all eyes were on him and the bandit.

The bandit gave an angered laughed, "Okey, wiseguy. Ya're lookin' fer a fight, arnch ya?" He stomped toward him, massaging his shoulder.

The cloak rolled his eyes and cracked his neck as he muttered, "I guess I am."

The thug threw in a hard punch, but the cloak stepped aside and slammed his fist into the thug's stomach. He threw the thug back to his friends. The thug snarled at the cloak.

"Well... get tha' damned assassin!" He shouted.

One maneuvered around the two holding up the beaten bandit and swung out a long punch. The assassin arched back his head and shoved the thug's arm away.

With his other hand, he grabbed the thug's upper arm yanked him, elbowing up into his chin. His teeth cracked and tongue bled.

The assassin slammed his heel on the man's toes and gripped his chest, throwing him to the floor.

Another bandit jumped onto his back, wrapping his arms around his neck. The assassin immediately stood straight up to not be pinned down.

He struggled, trying to squeeze his fingers between his aggressor's arms and his own neck, but to no avail. Instead, he decided to pummeled his elbow in the man's side.

He managed two before being bashed across the jaw. His head dangled to the side for a second as a drop of saliva slid down his chin.

He shook it away and straightened his back again to see the puncher pull a dagger from under his own cloak. The dagger was held low so the assassin couldn't reach for it.

Instead, he held one leg firm and kicked the weapon from the thug's grasp with his other foot.

He jumped back, forcing the grabber off balance. Holding onto the bandit's arms tight, the assassin lunged his legs forward and slammed them into the puncher's chest.

Using the momentum, he slid his head through the thug's arms and yanked him down. He rolled to the side and elbowed the bandit's head, pounding it on the wooden floor.

Sensing another thug going to pounce on him, he wormed his body and sent his feet back and kicked them. He looked up. Three more in front, one with a knife.

He twirled his body, sweeping the closest's legs. Surging up, his right hand snagged the thug's left wrist and he yanked it over his head, pulled back.

He elbowed the thug's armpit and clawed the back of their head. He swung him around and hurled him over to the other bandit cluster.

The assassin glanced back at the two blocking his exit. He ducked beneath a punch, pelted the thug's jaw, then stomach then snatched his chin and threw him at the other, blocking their blow.

The other spun around his comrade and sent in another attack. The assassin blocked it but wasn't ready for another.

The air was taken from his lungs as the boney knuckles wedged against his intestines. The assassin clenched the thug's ear and yanked on his hair, pulling him to the floorboards.

He slammed his heel on the thug's jaw and glowered at the remaining group.

But then a random, drunken farmer emerged from the crowd and went to lazily throw a punch at the assassin.

Confused, he glanced between the thugs and his soon attacker, then gave up to understand why.

He continued to dodge many of the farmer's swings to see if he'll come to his senses but obviously didn't.

The assassin darted into the farmer's chest and heaved him up a few inches. He charged, carrying the burly man who was bashing his back.

Deciding he's gone far enough, the assassin gave all of his might to throw the farmer. His wide body. Flew a few feet and pounded on a table.

The frail wooden table gave way instantly with a loud crack. The farmer let out a low, painful groan.

Knowing the thugs would take the opportunity of his distraction to attack, without a second thought, the assassin reached for the chair next to him and spun away.

Sure enough, one went to grab him. The assassin slammed the chair onto his back. It shattered into an explosion of splinters. The top of the chair's back still stayed in the assassin's hands.

From another attacker, he dodged a punch then blocked the other fist with the chair back. The bandit let out a shout when it cracked on the wood.

The assassin slapped him with the plank and bashed his gut with it. He finished him off with an uppercut. The final one came at him with a dagger.

The assassin blocked the blow with the chair back. The blade split through to the other side. Seeing this, he threw it down in the thug's leg. He let out a cry of pain.

The assassin pelted his palm into the jaw and he fell back.

The assassin let out a frustrated sigh but was interrupted by a fist to the back of his head. He stumbled forward and spun around. Perhaps one of the farmer's friends were upset with him... he couldn't possibly understand why.

The assassin spotted an empty whiskey bottle in the man's other hand. He grabbed the arm and twisted, disarming his opponent.

He reached under and grabbed the bottle then threw the man away. He stepped back, narrowly dodging another swing from a different patron.

He snapped out his arm and disintegrated the glass across the attacker's face.

Looking over, the assassin grabbed the fist of a third and swung it down, stabbing the sharded bottle into the man's side. After that, he then yanked him to the ground.

The assassin glanced up and three of the guards walked over. One of them drew their sword as they approached the assassin, the other two went to calm the patrons after the assassin.

The guard told him to take it easy, but the assassin didn't care. In blinding speed, he lunged over and clenched tight on the guard's wrist.

He disarmed him and shoved his head down, flinging up his leg and kicked him. The guard reeled back. The tavern grew to an uproar.

The others who were already moving for the assassin were swinging at the guards as more went to go block two more guards from pursuing the assassin.

Something told him that the citizens weren't keen on their law keepers.

And sure enough, he glanced over at the drunken officer and there was already a man and woman holding him down.

The tavern now had many ganging on the guards as others who didn't mind the royalty try to protect them. But it all ended in mass confusion.

Many who were on the same side ended up fighting one another as the guards drew their weapons on anyone who would come close, attackers or defenders alike.

And just as he entered, the assassin slipped out unnoticed as the loud chaos that filled the air.

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