Love night.... 2
Love night....

 this will leave you in stories

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18 likes and I will make a part 3 that's the deal

Love night.... 2

I swear it wasn't a dream, when I tried telling everyone they kept thinking I was crazy. I took my final chance and screamed "DOES ANYONE KNOWS WHAT LOVE NIGHT IS FOR!?!?!?" A man turned around and strangely said " you had the same dream, if you want answer come to me at brokleen bay Street" finally someone is going to give answers.i hope.

I went to the exact spot he said, he appeared out of nowhere, he reminds me of someone.not sure tho.we went to this dark alleyway and came across a door. He said "wait out here and don't, get caught,if you run you will die.." I gulped for help.few seconds later a woman appeared " I had to go to all of that, you don't wanna be here , honey, you will regret this" she said . I panicked

He came back and grabbed me inside. He was quite rude at first, but he said his name , wait-dave!?! He said we had to go back in the dream or we will soon start have medical issues that the hospital pit in us. I soon started to agree.. we needed a plan , a strong plan . But the lady , she's so strange, maybe she knows about the hospital?? Idk and idc

The next thing I knew, the plan was finished.we all settled in, we had to tran for this. And prepare. Aperently the doctors are planning to make the earth a "better" place with less human being. So like we were heroes, so cool!

We were prepared , we fought against them, we almost got the cure to the epocalips that would happen- not so fast I'm not done . When I was grabbing the cure a hand touched my elbow, " you really think you would get away from this "

Oh no it was..... My ex

Hope you enjoy. making a part 3 at 18 likes!


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