~ Let The Bird Fly ~
~ Let The 
Bird Fly ~
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passionwriting Anonymous Writer
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Creativity is like a bird . . .
You just need to let the imagination fly!

~ Let The Bird Fly ~

Free of the rules Free of its cage

Able to spread its wings

Able to let the imagination go . . .

To fly

Its route isn't planned Its dreams have not been stolen

Its song isn't drafted

Its words about to be written

Opening its beak to free the first note

Let the wind whip it away . . .

As it soars higher and higher

Viewing the gallery of clouds

Pinks . . . purples . . . . . . and oranges

All painted by the sun's delicate brush

Singing to the melody of the wind

It carries on its way

All its cares were left in its cage

Cares about time

Restrictions and rules

All locked behind bars

Now it is free

And can sing its own song

Dream its own dreams

Spread its wings across the universe

And let the imagination splash its colors across the world!

Creativity is a bird So you've got to let it fly!

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