Maybe why I see differently ...
Maybe why I see differently ... stories
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Maybe why I see differently ...

by passionnvibez

Buried treasure

We all have something we like to hold onto within the material level of life, but what about the deeper soul level, are allowing life to suppress us?

Through a window

Life has so much meaning and we tend to write, express ,draw, use art, blog, I love the idea of creativity and history. Sometimes its right in front of us and we can tend to ignore it.

Chinese Massage & Acupressure

I'm so proud of all of my achievements and this week I've taken my final exam . I love the idea of being able to channel positive energy, I have no fear in working intuitively .

Food for thought ... I Love cooking

I love Mother Nature, we eat to survive but food is colourful and also links in colour to our chakras ..some food is associated to energy we may not have looked into in-depth.


I love Sushi , being blessed with a taste for different foods, allows me to enjoy so many dishes, i also love to be able to try to capture food as an art .

Laurel & Hardy

Laurel and Hardy comedy duo.. History I wonder how this street will change again in time !


Its all about energy studying the median lines how our body can tell us a story about illness and helping to balance the Ying & Yang. Where we may have blockages and its affects on ourselves.


Be strong enough to explore and do what you are brave enough to face, challenges aren't always bad

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