Just a Vibe ....
    Just  a  Vibe ....

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Just a Vibe ....

by passionnvibez

You make the steps

I'm human but also a Free Spirit. I have realised that my journey in life is not the same as others But thats ok..

Raising your vibe

It's ok to have a Unique energy. Life experiences have allowed me to be educated but also explore respect adapt and be myself. I think thats key to life.

I Love Nature

I Love nature and also believe in something beyond what we see as the Universe is filled with some beautiful, people, animals , plants, tress but i also believe in the Angels.

Self Love

Love is Key to being yourself Self Love allows you strength, healing, survival.

I Love Elephants

I have always been fascinated by these beautiful strong mammals, I visit the zoo as often as I can from a child , Wild Life is sadly dying out, The zoo helps us experience amazing things.

Self Expression

I love Ink .. Tattoos express different experiences and life stories.

Passion 4 Life

Expression through body art


One of the hardest topics to talk about . I'm now a qualified Holistic therapist my friend encouraged me to share what i learnt in her battle with Cancer. Its my way of giving back.

The Gratitude Attitude

How many things are you truly grateful for? With the power of being thankful great things happen its part of the Universal Law of Attraction.


Water is vital for life We don't all appreciate our clean running water I can turn on my tap, some can't I donate to charity's that help people with water issues,

When your truly passionate about your job.. I'm qualified as an alternative therapist Biut also a mentor and teacher.

The Secret .... Law of Attraction

I so appreciate the work the author within the Secret series. The contribution of positive thinking with many books I have read have helped me to stay inspired i!

Thank you

Just a small thank you from me for reading my first post, big love and thanks to the Pencil team.. Positive Vibes.

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