IX of swords
IX of swords fear stories

pascalkristffer Young, naive poet from GER. 17. Scorpio.
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My first poem here to be published. What do u think about it? :)

IX of swords

Thin glass beneath my feet

Grey, dark, with water on it

I take a step, a wave rushes

Under me, the water gushes

I fall down, the glass, it breaks

Not a lot is what it takes

I hear it cracking, bursting soon

There's nothing more that I can do

So I fall, I fall, I fall

Into the dark, into a hole

Whispering lark, shatters my soul

Breathtaking agony

Takes away the energy

The spirit of life

That lights my eyes

And as I smash the ground

I feel my bones, they shatter

How my body contracts and

All my life in one together

It vanishes, it disappears

I am not ready for another round

I cannot move anymore

While shiv'ring fear

And dust surround my mind

They float to the core

My eyes get blind

Lungs stop breathing

Life is leaving

The end

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