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Good hills is a village known for two things, the man of four legs is a mafia gang rules by the gang leader Antony rth who was born in good hills, and his son Mark rth, he is running sub gang in the part of which covers good hills and its surrounding.


Good hills is a village known for two things, the man of four legs is a mafia gang rules by the gang leader Antony rth who was born in good hills, and his son Mark rth,

he is running sub gang in the part of which covers good hills and its surrounding.

the other thing good hills are known for poor people and scared people even the government is in control of Mark rth.

In this entire village, one family is known for bravery and patriotic is Austin's family.

before Anton Chigurh his name is John Austin 9 years old good kid playing with his chicken friends and waiting for his father to return from the war.

his father charlie Austin left him when john was a baby. john's spend is childhood with is chicken and neighboring parenting.

John playing with is chicken in the backyard, a car sound. a man with a coat and suit with a cut in is eyebrow walking into the house.

John recognizes his father, with so much happiness and joy John shouts "dad dad" and huge him.his father tap his head and say "don't call me me sir".

john straight is the body and replied, "ok sir".

then he introduces his chicken friends to his dad.

" sir his name is Chuck,

his name is Cho" John keep on talk to his father but Charlie Austin takes a gun from his suit and ask" which is your favorite friend"poor john joys and excited to show his the

best friend(chicken), "dad sorry, sir, this is my favorite friend, his name is"bang sound Charlie shots the chicken's head, a splash of blood on the john face.

he started crying and try to wake the dead chicken, after realizing the kill he started crying more, sir charlie come close to john and hold his face in his left hand and slap.

poor kid crying and moving.strong and military hands of charlie hold hard, again slap. john crying hard.

charile shouts" if you gonna cry like this I will kill you by slapping" john try to push, charlie slapped him to fall.

charile use his both hand and hold john's head to stand and say"I am gonna count ten within ten you should stop crying or you will go with your chicken friend"blood

and red-faced john stopped crying.charile said "in the war field, I fight while my brother is dying, that's what the soldiers do, you are a solider.people will die that is life".

john turned calm but sad.knock knock sound from the door. sir charlie opens the door, half the village with food and beverage show the love for the return of Charlie Austin.

Besides his philosophy of sir charlie, he shows love to john.

at night, john tells about the death of his friend to other chickens.a shout call from sir charlie" john Austin".quick goodbyes to his friends, john runs to his dad's room.

" which time will you wake up?" asked sir charlie." around seven sir" replied john.

sir charlie doesn't reply, he grabs the hands of john and place it in his cut eyebrow and said"when I was your age, your grandfather, my father hit me with his gun cause I wake up 4:15,

do you want one of this in your eyes?".john shake no and goes to sleep. john terrified of his dad even his night dream is with his dad.john woke at 3:00, he sits in the dark and waits till 4:00.

in the early morning running, workout, and lifting of the gun taught by sir charlie to his son.john loves these new things.

it's 4:59 evening sir charlie reading some, sharp 5:00 he closes the book and goes to john and said"can we play something john...hmm tell some games you play I pick, then we play".

john started telling a bunch of games he used to play. sir charlie picked one which evolves chicken. both walked into the backyard.

john release all the chicken from the cage meanwhile sir charlie asked"which chicken is your second favorite?

" john understand the situation so, he opens the gates put the chicken back in hurry"chickens go inside".sir charlie shoot shot from is gun near john.john frighted and standstill.

sir charlie said"now take a fucking chicken".john speaks"no dad no dad".sir charlie takes a stick and throw it in legs of john.John suffers in the pain.

" It's sir no dad, you piece of chicken now take one".with the pain in the leg he takes a chicken. bang headshot, chicken dies in the hands of john. John tries hard to avoid cry.

sir charlie waits for a slap. one drop of tears falls, slap from sir charlie. john wipe and standstill.sir charlie ready with his hand. he waits but no sign from john.

sir charlie said "soldier take another chicken", without looking at his father without any reaction john pick another one.bang no reaction.

smile from sir charlie, tap's john shoulder and said"sharp four mornings".

this routine of running and killing constantly followed many days, which end in the backyard of three chickens.

meanwhile, mark rth and the gang crosses their limits in good hills by abuse, robbery and goodwill people seeks help from sir charlie Austin.

sir charlie leaves john alone for the first time in a long while.sir charlie goes to the city to end mark rth and his gang in goodwill.

with no one in the house, john takes is one photo where he was laughing.he tries to impersonate the face but it does not look good.

he tries to concentrate but the noise from the chicken makes him irritated.he walks furious to his backyard and shouts to the chicken like never before. all chicken was silent.

john return to room one started to noise. john angry and grab that chicken and twist that chicken head and killed.

then he goes to the room and looks in the mirror it looks good to him, the devil face.

using his power sir charlie talks to major police for a mission to control the gangsterism in good hills which ending in the death of two police, five gang members, and mark rth.

hole village celebrates sir charlie Austin but they don't see the picture of returning the devil Antony rth for revenge for his late son.

after some day at night john sleeping, he here the sound of horses, he wakes and goes out of his room. he saw his father with a gun, sir charlie said"don't talk loud" in a low tone.

in sound of horses, sir charlie slowly closes every door and windows in the house.for the first time ever john see his dad so scared.

another five to ten horse arrival sound on the outside of sir charlie's house. both Austin's sitting low near the a low voice, john said"sir backyard door can't be closed".

a shock, sir charlie walk low and silent to the door of the backyard where sounds were high. he supports the door.

at the end of the door there is a hole where the light reaches at night, so sir charlie bends down to see outside. he saw someone standing in front of the hole.

he scared straight, bang sound john running to backyard door, he saw a man with a big beard, leather fur-coated, and a shot in the leg of his father.

his father shouting and begging with blood flow. Another gang member takes the gun that his father holding and two were grabs the john.

Antony rth enjoying the crying of sir charlie Austin."hmm you" said and shake his head, one of the members made sir charlie to kneeling on the floor of blood.

Antony rth takes a pistol and gives to john and put his gun on the head of John and said"kiddo do you love your father?".he replies "yes sir".antony rth says"do you like to live?".

"yes sir" said john." ok now either you shoot your father or I will shoot you".john hold the gun pointing is the father.his father crying and screaming every one shouting to shoot.

john lows the gun and goes near to sir charlie and slapped in his face.every on turn silent ."don't cry sir" said john.antony rth shocked, sir charlie silent and astonished in a bad way.

with a light voice Antony rth says"are you going to kill" even before Antony rth ends, he shot his father to death. the people who live by killing are scared of john.

even one drop of tears never shows out of the john.

Antony asked"you said you love your father, now he is dead your not crying"

John replied, "peoples will die that is life sir".

Antony rth never seen an attitude like this, he sees a devil of all time. Antony rth said "You're going to come with me and never call me sir".john said "okay...".

antony rth say"dad, call me dad".

the head news of the good hills village is Antony john charlie, the child kill is father...continued

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