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parrisgoghArt is my reason of life.
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by parrisgogh

You've sang the song of words that could kill,

leaving no intention to know what it all meant.

You spoke with a carefree spirit,

neglecting the consequences that would come your way.

You laughed as if it was as hysterical as blowing bubbles,

too keen on your own joy to care.

You never had hesitation; never had a heart.

Though, you shook your body as if you did.

You were given all of my spirit,

but took it to your advantage and killed it.

There's a melody in my head ringing your name,

taunting. alluring..

And you have the remedy that makes me want to walk away.

You've got me falling slow,

forgetting where to begin.

You're my weakness..

after all of this you know.

You swore to god that I didn't need you..

and I wrote that on my heart to see the words bleed through.

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