Feburary Delight
Feburary Delight stories

parrisgoghArt is my reason of life.
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Feburary Delight

by parrisgogh

Glasses were left.

Cold and untouched.

Wind nipping at our faces.

Brutal air seeping to the toes.

Warm smiles welcoming the unwanted.

Eyes entrancing the wounded heart.

Music making their way through the speakers.

Captivating the soul with indescribable feelings.

Beautiful tongue rolls of another language.

Making innocent skin more excited than the mention of money.

Our minds get lost in a daze that isn't pleasant.

Soft touches bringing us back to where our bodies are placed.

Shimmering reflection of the moonlight.

Glowing on the chain dangling down your neck.

Unchangeable moments experienced.

Fixated on the mind.

Mugs of tea were abandoned.

Turned cold, left untouched.

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