Mole People Continued By: Parker Woody
      Mole People Continued

              By: Parker Woody scary stories

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Meeting Mole People

Mole People Continued By: Parker Woody

As I lay there, I begin to calm down, and my eyes begin to adjust to the darkness. The tunnels have enough space for a full grown man to crawl through, so I had enough space to move.

I hear these high pitched sounds, that hurt my ears, obviously I move away from the sound, but as I'm heading to the way I believe is the way out,

the sounds seem to be coming from every direction. What felt like hours may have been minutes, but I'm trying to stay calm, and breath but the air felt much heavier down there.

All at once I hear shuffling coming from behind me, a sound that I can only describe as what a giant spider might sound like. A fast thudding sound from the walls of the tunnels and a horrifying breathing type sound

It grabbed my feet and began dragging me again, this time I'm screaming and trying to kick, then all at once i begin to see again, then i come to a stop, Im in a candle lit room,

surrounded by these creatures. Half human, half mole. They sniff me, and poke at me with there abnormally longe fingers.

One makes a high pitched sound at another and they go off into the tunnels that were all along the walls. I was in complete terror. A terror so deep that your unable to scream, or even speak.

Frozen, waiting to see what these monsters wanted from me.. I begin looking around this "room" or more like an underground din where they seemed to all live.

There were holes for the the tunnels all along the walls as I said, 2 or 3 in the ceiling.

The candles seemed to be well used, im assuming they were stolen from neighboring houses that had thrown away old candles.

They seemed to have some since of intelligence, able to communicate, and gather things for themselves.

I saw some blankets, a few other house hold items that were obviously trash to normal humans.

There was probably 7 of these mole people in the room that were with me at the time, plus the 2 that had left. They all seemed to look different in some way or another as well.

The women had different features from men, and so forth. Finally, I begin to gather myself enough to where I can speak. "Wh... what.. do.. you.. want?"

They all snap their heads at me, drop to all fours and pounce on me... I black out...

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