Gods at War By: Parker Woody
                    Gods at War

              By: Parker Woody story stories

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Gods at War

Gods at War By: Parker Woody

Oh, what has my life become? I left all I know and love And replaced it with heartbreak and pain. For the unknown

"For what?" I ask myself looking into the infinite sea. For fame and fortune? Now noone will remember my name. I've been gone so long, I doubt I'll be missed.

...I see it coming. Rain hits my face, the powerful wind making it feel like needles. It's hard to keep my eyes open.

Muscles tense as I hold on to port side. Thunder, an explosion, as if the gods are at war. Thors hammer lighting up the night sky, if only for a moment.

Making it possible to see what's coming. Hearing the echo of men screaming, I pay no attention, because like all aboard, we know it's the end.

My stomach leaves as I feel the descent. I close my eyes and relax my body. Silence follows as if the Gods are watching. I let go..

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